milesofsky (milesofsky) wrote in smithies08,

Sorry for the cross-posting... New community!

I've created a new community, smithies_again, for those of us who left Smith and have returned, are returning, or at the least are considering doing so.

On leave? Withdrawn? Kind of want to come back? Really want to come back? Declared you'd never come back but then find yourself still claiming to be "just on extended leave" sometimes? Readjusting to college life? Readjusting to Smith life? Waiting on your readmittance application results? Staring at a blank application, wide-eyed? Does the fall chill make you miss Northampton? This community is for you! Allies and words of wisdom very welcome :)

It's a terrifying/thrilling/scary/exciting thing to come back, isn't it? Let's talk.
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