<insert witty, sharp name here> (ailika20) wrote in smithies08,
<insert witty, sharp name here>

research dilemma - sorry for the crossposting on smithies

so for my sociology research class, we are required to do our own personal projects, and i decided to look into the unity organizations at Smith, and whether or not they are still important, relevant and why many people choose to or choose not to, specifically not to, join them.
i've already had several interviews with members within unity organizations, but i'm unsure of how to approach people who are not involved. i'm scared to make judgments based on their appearance or name that they can be a part of an unity organizations, but are not. how should i do this? should i just send emails to people whom i think would be good, and hope they aren't terribly offended? i don't want to assume too much into people's identities, and how they choose to relate, become involved, and spend their time at Smith.

and also, is anyone reading this interested in being interviewed? or can offer any additional feedback or insight into smith unity orgs?
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