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Hello folks,
So Sexhibition for those of you who don't know is a party and art exhibition on the theme of positive body image and safe healthy sexual experiences and being able to speak about issues surrounding sex if we want to. It is coming up in less than a month and a half.

I am looking for more artwork. We want to have as much as possible.

What we are looking for:

- artwork that pertaining to anything about the body, body image, sexual relations and experiences.

-art in any medium ( painting, pencil, photo, textile, sculpture, even performance if you would like)

-nothing will be turned away. this is about what you want to express

-we can display your piece anyway from anonymous to with a full label and description

More Info

-your work will be kept safe and sound in my friedman and you can take it with you once the event is over or pick it up at another time.

-we are looking for artwork of every level. so even if you don't consider yourself an artist or have never exhibited your work before please please please give it a try. we cna always display it anonymously if you are nervous. and again nothing will be turned away. nothing is to explicit or too abstract.

-- email me if you have more questions or would like to arrange to drop art of to me….. mbrooks2 @ smith or la.fille.danse @ gmail

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